This is a legacy version of the calculator.  

Please visit to use the most up to date version.

Welcome to SECR calculator.  We have developed a FREE carbon calculator that can be used by most businesses to calculate scope 1, 2 and 3 (grey fleet) carbon emissions.  To access, click the button (or here).

At the end of the process, if you submit the data, we will send a carbon emission report for FREE.

You will also have the option of purchasing a full SECR report, which breaks down your emissions into Green House Gases, provides the kWh consumed and compares the emissions against an intensity metric.  An example report can be found here (to prevent plagiarisation we have replaced some text with place holder text, scroll down to the bottom of the document to see an example of the energy & GHG emission breakdown).

The calculator converts consumption data to carbon emissions (kgCO2e) therefore you need the consumption data (litres,kWh, m3 consumed etc.) to hand to get instant results.  We have built a pro forma to help you gather the data.

You would still have to gather this data if you employed an external assessor to complete your report.  This calculator automates the next phase in the process, choosing the correct conversion factors and converting your consumption to Green House Gases.

** If you are looking for help/advice, or a quote for us to complete your SECR calculations/verification, contact us, an experienced assessor will be in touch ASAP**

The calculator was built following GHG Protocol guidance using UK Government Conversion factors.

Click on the button to access the current Calculator. If you have a slow internet connection, please be patient, it may take a few seconds to load (it is a big calculator).

If you have questions about our calculator or what Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) is/involves, see our FAQ page.

We have also built a series of FREE calculators to help convert your energy consumption into common units.

GHG Protocol requires that businesses account for fugitive emissions from their Air Conditioning and refrigeration equipment.  We have developed a FREE calculator to achieve this.