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Emissions from Users of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment
Select the refrigerant type
HFC-134a: [((field4+field6)-(field5+field7+field8))*1300] kgCO2e
HFC-236fa: [((field4+field6)-(field5+field7+field8))*6300] kgCO2e
R-401A: [((field4+field6)-(field5+field7+field8))*18] kgCO2e
R-402A: [((field4+field6)-(field5+field7+field8))*1680] kgCO2e
R-402B: [((field4+field6)-(field5+field7+field8))*1064] kgCO2e
R-404A: [((field4+field6)-(field5+field7+field8))*3260] kgCO2e
R-407A: [((field4+field6)-(field5+field7+field8))*1770] kgCO2e
R-407B: [((field4+field6)-(field5+field7+field8))*2285] kgCO2e
R-407C: [((field4+field6)-(field5+field7+field8))*1526] kgCO2e
R-410A [((field4+field6)-(field5+field7+field8))*1725] kgCO2e
R-507 or R-507A: [((field4+field6)-(field5+field7+field8))*3300] kgCO2e
R-508A: [((field4+field6)-(field5+field7+field8))*10175] kgCO2e
R-508B: [((field4+field6)-(field5+field7+field8))*10350] kgCO2e
If you have more than one refrigerant or have individual system data sets, use the table below to record your results. Please note, this data is not saved unless you press the submit button below, upon which an e-mail with the results will be sent to you.
System/Refrigerant IdentifierkgCO2e

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